Accessibility Industrial Zone / Business Park “De Heze”

ATTENTION: Road construction starting Friday 19/10/2018 until ± second half of 12/2018. Impact accessibility Industrial Zone/Business Park “De Heze” Olen-Geel.

Starting Friday 19/10 until ± second half of 12/2018:
NO traffic allowed in either direction (Westbound from Geel to Olen/Herentals AND Eastbound from Olen to Geel) on N13 from intersection N19/N13 to intersection N13/Tweemolenstraat/Velveken.

Industrial Zone/Business Park “De Heze” will be accessible only using the following directions:

1) all inbound traffic into Industrial Zone/Business Park “De Heze”

  • must access the Industrial Zone/Business Park via freeway A13/E313, exit 22 Herentals Oost, then 
  • continue on N152 (direction Heretals) to intersection N152/N13 
  • turn right onto N13 Herentalseweg (direction Geel) to intersection N13/Lammerdries-Winkelstraat/Veldstraat 
  • turn right onto Lammerdries-Winkelstraat to access Industrial Zone/Business Park “De Heze” 
NOTE: we strongly advise NOT to use E313/A13 exit 22 (Herentals Oost). 

2) all outbound traffic exiting Industrial Zone/Business Park “De Heze”:

  • take Lammerdries-Oost, then bear right onto Lammerdries-Winkelstraat 
  • at traffic lights, turn left onto N13 Geelseweg (direction Herentals) 
  • follow N13 Geelseweg all the way to Herentals